Truly Untitled

It’s weird, our situation. Bombs going off (rather unpredictably), children being threatened in schools (as a joke apparently) and the safest of the large cities now under scrutiny of losing that title. Its disgusting to see that we can hit low enough to threaten children. Now that’s below the belt, simply uncalled for.

A solution seem afar, nowhere in reach. And I don’t blame the government (not as much as Geo would atleast). How would you stop a suicide bomber? And how can you break terrorist networks and they have more information than you Intelligence? (Well I guess that could be blamed on the government but I’m still inclined towards sympathy)

Okay, so where is Pakistan, besides being between India and the Middle East. We have the extremist ideologies on one hand, and then we have other crisis. And they’re not minor problems either. We live in a country where people cant afford food or ‘bijli’, and when they want o pay there’s none available. This is all too ironic for real life.

And yet it is real life. Half of me wants to leave Pakistan, the other half wants to stay here and forget studying abroad.

The half that wants to leave is probably understandable in its views.

The other half is confusing. Surprisingly, to me as well. If I leave, my family stays here. That I don’t want. Solution: I stay here. But more importantly, whenever I feel I want to dissociate myself from this country, I feel I can’t. Can I ever support another cricket team but Pakistan’s? Can I stop speaking Urdu?

I guess everyones in a fix. And no one is seeing the country go anywhere but deeper into the Earth. We’re at war, with ourselves. We understand that, yet do not admit it. I’m not sure we ever will.

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  1. @Katerina Polyzou : we can change the world if we successfuly convince our friends and neighbours that Christians, Muslims, Hindus and others are God’s creatures and have a right to live. That’s the only way we can ensure that there are no future extremist leaders like George Bush (who think they have a license to destroy the planet).

  2. It’s funny because I can deeply relate to what you are describing here, because I feel the same way, although I live in Greece, miles and miles away. Half of me is sick of the mess that is going on inside the country, half of me is in love with every rock inside its borders. What can we do? How can we help and change what we don’t like? And more importantly, if we try to make a change, are we going to be allowed to do so?
    Thinking, just thinking…

  3. The government was easily able to record a conversation between two terrorists immediately after Benazir was killed. But after so many bomb blasts, they have no clue as to who is responsible, even after catching some would-be suicide bombers. No wonder people think government agencies are the ones who arrange the bombings.


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