True Love???

I asked a question to my self :Is there anything like love that exists???  

and then I thought…”well, love does exist but then true love??”  

Ok now …Is there anything like true love??  

I guess its just a state of mind…  

there isn’t anything like love or true love …its just how you set the bits of your brain…  

Its human nature, what you feel you cannot have easily, makes one feel more attracted towards it…  

We love people cause we seek our wanting in them.  

Khalil Jibran in the book “Prophet” says excellent about love…  

We might get attach to people over a period of time…but love???  

I take it as how you programme your mind, it will react the same way!  

1 thought on “True Love???”

  1. love is a feeling of togetherness. true, as u said, opposites attract too, but similarities also attract, rather bring closer.

    we tend to consider love will come to us automatically, which ix just a rash assumption. for everything u yearn, u have to work hard. ull see things differently once u understand the true meaning of love. .


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