Treasure Thy Children

It is seen that many a time when the parents are not on good terms with each other, or if there is a communication gap between parents and children, the children are left behind in the wild wondering with their unsure lives. Due to the strained relationship between mother and father, which harms the whole family, children are led to astray in the life.

Constant arguments and fights at home lead the children to mental depression and they take refuge either in self-persecution or they indulge in the bad company. Moreover, it is hard to deal with the cruel facts of life even for the adults, who know a thing or two about life, but the brittle mind of a child gets destroyed when exposed to the cruelties of life at so early age.

Such children then try to find the lost love of father and mother in others, and then people exploit them in various ways. Such children then start striking relationships with the adults at the public places. Such adults always keep on the lookout for such kids. These spineless adults either exploit the children sexually, or sell them forward, or make them drug addict or thief, or use them for other nefarious designs and illegal acts.

When a child has to face failures in different spheres of life; for instance studies, friends and family, one wishes to run away from it all. Sometimes the shock of losing a loved one becomes a stark reality and always looms frighteningly large on the innocent mind of a child, who then to get rid of that unpleasant horrible memory start taking drugs or start doing abnormal activities.

Childhood is a very crucial point in the life. The only point where there normally one feels no worries and no responsibilities, but just dreams and sheer joy. But when they feel deprived of the love and attention of their parents, who always keep their horns locked with each other, they suffer lots of trauma, and this ruins their lives, and ultimately if they manage to survive somehow, they become a menace for society, later in their wretched lives.

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