Traffic Plans should not just meet one criterion

In Pakistan the traffic problem is very grave. To add more to it, a lot of pedestrians fall prey to accidents. Actually things are usually unplanned.

In a country like Pakistan, subways are the most unused paths made for the welfare of the people. They have hidden dangers in them. Girls are not allowed to use these when alone. These are usually the haunts of addicted people, thieves, pick pockets and others that harass women and girls. So these are mainly avoided. The question comes now, how to cross the busy road. Again this becomes a matter of consideration that involves risk. Sometimes when you try to cross the road thinking you could do it, you fall a prey to any vehicle.

Same happened today at the Peshawar road, Rawalpindi. There are two schools built at the Mall road, where at opening and closing of schools, there is a great rush. The traffic occupies the road so much that it becomes hardest to cross the road, so today a woman fell prey to the accident.

But think again…The schools were built on the Mall and had no proper parking area. So the accident had to happen. The main thing is that, when plan are going to be really implemented, all things should be thought off.

The thinking should not meet one criterion but all aspects should be looked up for the best.

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