Think Tanks or Think Idiots

It’s very easy to babble about the situations in the third world countries while strolling leisurely in the corridors of Pentagon. It’s the favorite pastime of Americans think tanks to fantasize about the possible theories and finding plausible reasons to attack such countries to appease the war mongering.

Currently all the think tanks and newspapers editors are earning their bread by declaring Pakistan a failed state teetering on the brink of collapse and they are only worried about capture of Pakistani nukes by the Al-Qaeda. That is what I call over idiotic syndrome. How in the world they think that could happen? I mean, they need to understand just one point. If they don’t push the people to the wall, people wont haunt them.

If there is any Al-Qaeda in the world, it’s not in the Pakistan. The extremist who are fighting at two limited locations in Pakistan are handful and they are being professionally dealt by the Pakistan Army, and ups and downs come in such combats where internal insurgencies are concerned. Though Pakistan is paying a high price of such operation, which is in the form of suicide attacks on innocent people in various cities, Pakistan Army is still showing restraint to its own people, but the people who are trying to create a state within the state have tested the passions of the nation to the extreme.

Its true that these are the same chickens who have come home to roost, but who sent these chickens to get roasted from where they have come in the first place? It’s our bad ole Uncle Sam. Now Uncle is paying us peanuts of $10billion to crush these extremist. It’s a laughable statement that Pakistan has become a safe heaven for the Al-Qaeda. Ridiculous and utterly non-sense. It’s even funnier than Weapons of Mass Destruction. Even more funnier is the statement about nukes going into the hands of Al-Qaeda.

These think tanks which draw fat salaries and yearn for condos and yachts are the real axis of evil. You can impeach Bush, or you can vote any war monger out of the office, but how could Americans mitigate this quixotic axis of evil?

2 thoughts on “Think Tanks or Think Idiots”

  1. Yeah, I agree with you Americans’ propoganda against Pakistan. This is what we brand ‘propoganda against Pakistan’.

    But lets us think for a moment why they are doing that and what motives are behind that.

    Everybody knows Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto both have been lobbying in Washington to get America’s blessings and support. This the way America support. US have their own agenda and our politicians fulfil their agenda.

    How? Let me remind you something.

    A couple of months ago when Benazir Bhutto was in Washington she made a statement that if she came into power she will allow US forces to operate in Pakistan and she will hand over Dr. Qadeer Khan to US.

    What you think about this statement? Is it in favor of Pakistan or against Pakistan?

    This is what she said openly in front of media what she might have told Americans in private we can only imagine. I don’t think these Think Tanks or individuals in the US do lobbying as a charitable activity. There is no free lucnh.

    Moral of the story.

    Our politicians can do anything even against Pakistan to achieve their agenda.


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