The story expires…….

Unfortunately it seems now that the judiciary has lost the battle. Despite a very long struggle this time the fate of Pakistan is not a lucky one. All the blood shed is wasted. The lives of innocents as collateral damage have been forgotten. On whom can we trust now? Isn’t all this reminds us of that dictator? Accept it or not, we were in far much better condition than this. Nor America was taking us for granted neither we were lied about sharing part of our sovereignty.

Poor Nawaz, who tried all his levels to make Mr. Zardari understand that Pakistan will dismantle if justice is not reinstated, but why shall Asif Zardari hear all the bluff, he remained the victim of same judiciary for the cases that never were proved. This is his chance to have what ever he wants. Accept it! Judiciary story has expired. At least until Asif Zardari is in charge.

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