The play…

Around 25 died day before yesterday in an incident at Faizan-e-Madina, Karachi .

More than 50 Killed in bomb blast yesterday.

Today is uncertain.

Many cars will burn, many souls will die, many eyes will shed tears. The earth will open up its heart and welcome many to lay in peace.

Peace???At last.

What world are we living in? Mockery, hatered, competition?? What is it? Or Politics? Name what may, play what ever, but, why play with lives of innocents?

Scenes on TV channels making money in name of delivering information. Spreading depression.

We have closed our eyes towards the ailing and suffering humanity.

I remember, yesterday, when thousands mourned, I was busy laughing out loud. I knew many have died. But, I was lost in my own worldly affairs. Now I feel like adopting ostrich policy. I cannot face it cause Im feeling helpless. I cannot do any thing.

I wonder what’s on the back of mind… what is the outcome of life and death game. My innocent mind unable to understand. Deaths of scholars or death of insane people, whoever, what is teh benifit? Why cant this world be juat a better place with liberty of religion and life.

They live theirs, let us live ours. You practice your religion let us ours. One day we all have to die. Scholars, laymen all will end. Why take it in our hands?

Please live and let others live. Stop this  show of inhumanity, the unfair game of snatching lives. They are of no use. The lives taken cannot fit into another body…

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