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The Fourth Article is a great magazine…As much as I like to think of myself as an intelligent, independent young man who dismisses such idle general gossip; I see it and I can’t help but pick it up and spend the next two hour or so browsing through who’s who, who wore what and who did that. It’s a fun, light-hearted, tongue in cheek look at general disparate lifestyle gossip, fashion and lifestyle, news, politics, current affairs and much more and it doesn’t try to be mock smart. It not only tries to tell you many things useful, life-changing or moving but it sure as hell will also cheer you up. Great for a bit of light reading & a flicking through if you’ve got nothing better to do and don’t want to get stuck into anything too heavy and cumbersome.

The Fourth Article is absolutely free, and its quite unbelievable as how could a publication like this is free despite of that fact that its packed with original, not-so-run-of-the-mill and unbiased ideas. But when the spotlight comes over the avant-garde team behind this job, the pieces of this pleasant puzzle fall into their respective places. Five awesome people are behind this beautiful saga.

Maryum Azmi spearheads the Marketing and Advertising division. She was once responsible for the distribution of forty publications by ITP internationally. She has worked in prestigious joints like Gulf News, The Financial Times, Al Hyatt, Aquarius Magazine and Connector. Mahreen Haq, who is everything from a designer, writer, director to an accomplished photographer. She is the co-owner and editor. Omer Taufiq Jilani is a designer, who has also sparkled in Italy. He seems to live graphic designing. Rabia Aamir, who is a veteran teacher, is the co-editor of The Fourth Article. Yousuf Aqeel Ahmed brings the corporate touch to the publication, and he has also got a strong corporate background.

The gay and cheery layout of the magazine just lights the spirits up. The festive merry feeling starts out from the front cover and prevails beyond the point when you are through with the magazine. It leaves a trail of fragrance and relieves you from the mundane fatigue.

After a very nice title, you get first hand prior knowledge about what to expect in Lahore in the coming days and also some glimpse what is about to happen in other parts of the world. Then comes a very nicely written section which is interestingly termed as ‘Blog’. Blog is short for Web log, and as this log is in magazine, so why not make ‘maglog’ or ‘mlog’? Anyway, blog also rings fine. In this offline blog, the post is about the Shiekh Zayed Center in Lahore which is under construction, and which would be the tallest building in Pakistan after its completion.

Then comes forward a cute little information about the Nintendo’s WiiConsole. The most striking feature of this awesome resource of a magazine is that its layout is very eye-catching and uniquely original. Brief chitchat with music icon Shahzad Hameed was also something which maintained the attention.

Cover stories are what make or break a given magazine. In The Fourth Article, the most salient piece of genius is its cover story, which maps the attire of politicians with their personalities. One might disagree with their results, but their mapping idea is paragon, and their unbiased overview of the top politicians is also a great read.

Sports buffs have also got their corner and can have a joyous look at their soccer stars. In the ‘psst!’, Mowgli gossips, and this is the first gossip column, which I read from start to end, and it simple rocks. In the ‘Materialistic’, there are some cool interior designing ideas. Then comes a travel review of Mombassa, which is very enriched in information with strong shades of fantastic imagery.

In ‘Mannequin’, Zara Shahjahan doesnt waste your fifteen minutes, rather it makes them a memorable time. Her fashion insight is spectacular. Ahmad Rafay Alam has done wonders in the history pages. The background of page is so brilliant it stopped my breathing, and the way this piece is written is simple out of this world. Then the mag takes a look at the common ‘performing monkey’ trade from a new angle in a very touchy way. Scanning of books and movies by Nadia Akbar is also very elegant and sensible. I couldn’t stop myself grinning while reading the Ambush by Anushay Malik. When the author says, “flight of phallic proportions’, the article is sure to be a blockbuster.

If you ask me to describe ‘The Fourth Article’ in one word, then it would be “Rocking”. It’s just great to get away from the daily grind, sweat and tears.

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  1. I am inpressed by the work done by team of Fourth Article. I would further say that People of Pakistan are going through the worst flood of history are increasingly impatient over a lack of food ,water,shelter and other relief goods, criticizing Pakistan government for mismanagement. The government has failed to live upto the expectations of the people in providing relief. Now the People are looking towards Pakistan army, international, privately help worker and NGO’s instead of government The Prime minister and president of Pakistan look very much relaxed after mere visits to areas affected by flood including fake relief camps.

  2. Dear “The Fourth Article” Team,
    Today was a first chance to read some different. Matter of fact, that is just came from “Made In Pakistan”. Truly I had to Google the name and this blog/post caught my eyes.

    I am really pleased to read the nice literature without spices or some fiction. My throughout studies is basically science but as we know there is a chemistry in our everyday lives. Bottom line, i like the chemistry of “The Fourth Article”.


  3. I just read through the latest issue of “The Fourth Article” and I share your opinion. The journalist skills of the authors and the appealing design are highly visible. In my city (Berlin, Germany) there are tons of free magazines which hardly reach the quality and foremost the broad topics of “The Fourth Article”.

    Keep it up!

  4. thats interesting … its actually very hard to find good magazines now a days to read they all have the same things in it all the time, so lets see if this one would be a change!!!

    thanks for the post.


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