The “Brain Drain” Dilemma

In news paper we find large columns on the problem of brain drain, every columnist is cursing the young educated Pakistanis leaving their motherland in the search of a good job, even they have been portrayed as traitors but this in not true.

In Pakistan, a large number a students complete their education every year and start their search for job with a hope that they will not only fulfill the dreams of their parents but also serve their nation and homeland, but after searching the job for a long period of time and being rejected by a large number of firms, their dreams turn into the nightmares and finally they quit searching job in their native land and start thinking about going abroad.

Economic survey and statistics have shown that the unemployment ratio is increasing every year, government; although has taken steps to resolve this problem but they have not been able to at least maintain the same unemployment ratio every year. After 9/11, Pakistani youth has made its way to Middle East rather than European block.

No doubt, it is a dilemma for a nation that a large number of educated and talented people leave their native homeland in the search of bread and butter but if we see the picture from the perspective of unemployed; talented and educated individual, it is the only solution.

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