Testing Times

From some of the many reasons behind the Dacca Fall were the non-acceptance of the mandate of the people of East Pakistan, contention between the dictators and politicians and the stubbornness on both sides.

Now as the nation has given its verdict on 18th Februry that it doesnt want anything even remotely related to General (r) Pervez Musharraf, and it has given the mandate to the two biggest parties in the country, it’s the right of nation to get what it has asked for.

But General Musharraf and his allies doesnt want that, and they are fully trying to sabotage the will of people, and for that they are using the defeated politicians, establishment and bought and compromised judges and some black sheeps in the civil societies.

Even they have got support in the rows of winning parties, and Makhdoom Amin Fahim, the vice president of Pakistan People’s Party is one of them. He has been assured that only if he brings some 40 to 45 MNAs of party with him, then he will be given the chance to form the government.

All is not well in Islamabad, and very testing times are ahead.

2 thoughts on “Testing Times”

  1. even if PPP forward block (suppose 50 with amin faheem) ,PMLQ(51),MQM (25),PM-F(5) totals 130 …so its out of qs that they succeed in making govt.
    on other hand Zardari PPP (70 ) hypothetical situation if out of 120,50 goes with Amin Faheem,PML-N (90),ANP(13) ,MMA (6) makes 176 ….172 is required 2 make govt…but under such situation PPP-PML-N govt won’t b able 2 throw Mushi out and will make relatively unstable govt

  2. you forgot to mention india’s collusion with mujeeb to breakup pakistan, and mujeeb’s ego. alongwith Z.A Bhutto’s ambitions to become PM come hell or high water

    and yes yahya’s love with the bottle too


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