Terrorist India

World can do without India for sure. It’s the one nation that is sponsoring and facilitating the terrorism in the flashpoints of the world. From Kashmir to Palestine, and from Afghanistan to Pakistan, India is the real culprit behind all the suicide attacks and bomb blasts, and the reports are that it also is flaming the tensions in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

India has setup terrorist camps in Mazar-e-Sharif and in the deserts of its own country. Indian consulates in various countries of the world especially in Afghanistan are monitoring and coordinating the terrorist activities 24*7. President Musharraf has tried very hard to mend ways with India, but even now he is saying it openly that India is harboring terrorism in the FATA and Balochistan area. According to the reports India is sending arms and ammunition to the terrorists in Balochistan through Afghanistan.

In the initial reports issued by the Pakistani law and order agencies, Indian agency RAW is responsible for the Lahore blasts which killed 27 people and injured 80. Indian RAW has been involved in other suicide attacks and bomb blasts throughout Pakistan, and they are trying their hard to create chaos and instability in Pakistan. They are doing this to provide enough pretext to United States to attack Pakistani areas, and by doing this Indians are trying to tell the world that Pakistan isn’t capable of safeguarding its nuclear arms.

Indian premier Manmohan Singh is a real and working example of “Baghal mien churi, moun mien ram ram”. He has said in a very meek and soft tone that he is very upset at the current situation in Pakistan and he wants peace and harmony in Pakistan. I would very much like that kind of peace and harmony in Mumbai and Delhi and throughout India. Pakistani forces, government and people are united when it comes to the nuclear arms and their safety. Nukes are guarantee of our safety, and we know how to secure them, and we also know how to retaliate the suicide attacks and bombing. Mind it India.

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  1. I don’t remember reading or hearing about the PAF bombing Northern Alliance’s strongholds in Afghanistan. In fact, this is news to me, and if it were true, the Russians as well as the Afghans would’ve raised a ruckus over it.

  2. Comon, y dont v accept the fact that v r the topmost breeders of terrorism. V used these madrassas to fuel the so called afghan independence war against the USSR. V supported the insurgency in kashmir and gave these bearded vandals a free license to kill. Y blame others? for the mess we created. Its like frankenstien, v created it and now v r its biggest target. Well wat abt taliban didnt v support and creat them? Our own air force used to raid Northern alliances strong holds back in 1993 to make the job easy for taliban. I m surporised bcoz v r just acting like an ostrich, burying our heads in sand to escape the truth.

  3. Say, why are you chaps surprised at what Fahd is saying? After all, in India they blame Pakistan (especially the ISI) for all their problems (including unwanted pregnancies). I don’t blame Fahd at all. I know many normal people who also think India is responsible, in some way or the other, for at least some of the terrorism in Pakistan.

  4. I am really sorry to say Fahad, wat is ur source of all this info. ISI may i say CIA CIS etc. Where do u get all these from any kind of esp powers you are exhibiting. Well this was not only a great work of fiction i wil call this outrageous.


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