Terrorism ; Scourage For All

Now when United States has brought it’s war on terror in the Pak-Afghan region and now when it is pretty much clear that the militants are against everyone, its time that both Afghanistan and Pakistan realize that this scourge is gargantuan and elephantine.

Afghanistan should stop playing in the hands of India and Israel, and it should bid farewell to its baseless and stubborn animosity towards Pakistan. Karzai administration must realize that an instable Pakistan is at least not in the favour of his country, and it’s the only respite for the Afghans, as proven by the history.

Terrorist training camps in Mazar-e-Sharif managed by Indian RAW, and six Indian consulates scattered on the Pak-Afghan borders are just to pump more and more suicide bombers and terrorist into the Pakistani land. It is not possible that United States and NATO are not aware of that. They are oblivious to it, because they reckon that it’s good to divert the attention of militants from fighting with NATO towards blasting themselves away in Pakistan. Brain-washed and blinded-by-Vendetta suicide bombers receive training in the Mazar-e-Sharif camps, get a ticket to paradise in writing, enter into Pakistan and blow themselves up. These camps are being run by cunning RAW agents and their puppets in Afghanistan and they are fully exploiting the situation against Pakistan.

What Afghanistan is gaining from all this? Afghan people are gaining nothing, and there is no development whatsoever in the country, though Indian and Israel are filling the pockets of corrupt Karzai Administration apparatchiks. The Afghanistan has once again become the world’s biggest drug producer, and the 41,000 troops of the International Security Assistance Force fighting against the Taliban are showing signs of fatigue. Many armies have orders only to fight in self-defense, and Germany, Holland and Canada are likely to pull out their troops by 2010. The anti-Taliban operations have been killing more civilians than militants. Infrastructure is as dismal as ever, and there is not even a semblance of command and control in any of the provinces.

The solution to the instability in Afghanistan and in Pakistan lies in the close-knitted cooperation and coordination between the governments and their intelligence agencies. They both should join hands and start talks with the Taliban. Karzai government should sense what India is trying to do with them and through them.

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  1. Wow Fahd !

    You are more intelligent then US, Uk, Canada, Germany and Holland (and Afganistan ofcourse).

    These stupid countries couldn’t figure out what the bloody Indians are doing in Afganistan.

    Thank you for enlightning us.


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