Teray Meray Pyar Kay Churchay

Recent Love, roses, chocolates, smiles, twinkles and political groping between Benazir and Musharraf is an open secret now. Despite of dislike of the common PPP ‘Jayalaas’, Baynazir is love-bent on striking a bond with the general, and general is also committed to not to shatter the sweet dreams of pinky despite of the Frankenstein and baddy sentiments of Shujaat & co.

Under the genial eye of Uncle Tom, the trammel is flourishing with lavish. Even they both threw out the fly of Mian Jee out of the ointment with the help of broker friends. Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman has also stopped sniffing the dreams of prime-minister ship and now is looking forward to get the chairmanship of any committee in the next assembly, which is likely to be primed by BB, with Musharraf without uniform or Shujaat in Sherwani, and with Punjab in the lap of PML-Q, NWFP with MMA, Balochistan with disparate factions, and Sindh with PPP and MQM.

There is no place for the Mian Jee. Sorry not yet. As this time, from the dark labyrinths of pentagon, think tanks have woven a new strategy, and that is to gift Pakistani nation the amalgamation of enlightened moderation with the touch of secularism. Though Chaudhries of Gujrat are vehemently opposed to any snare with Benazir, they are leashed right now. But they are continuously trying their hardest to harm Benazir in every possible way. They are also looking towards the not-so-remote chance of the unity of League factions, as that is the natural alliance, and need of each other.

Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Imran Khan are once again forgotten sheep, which can only do lame agitation and bragging respectively. They are going to once again be utilized by the anti-PPP and anti-Musharraf forces with lots of cajoling, and then be left behind. Oh, yes, and there is no role for the Pakistani public in all this saga. They are mere spectator as usual.

So suffer the movie.

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