Taliban Should Free Korean Nationals

NATO and allied forces have murdered some 200 civilians and injured thousands in its air strike, in the wake of ongoing operation against Taliban. The death toll in Afghanistan is increasing at alarming rate, as we standby watching this gruesome act of terrorism going on unleashed.

Though there is no dearth of excuses for Allied forces to bomb the civilians out, Taliban have provided them with yet another. They have kidnapped 22 Korean people and aren’t willing to release them. Korea has appealed to Taliban to release them, it has also asked for the cooperation of other Muslim countries.

Korean diplomats have also been active throughout the Muslim world to play their role to resolve the issue. Korean ambassador in Islamabad has also met with Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman and Maulana Sami-ul-haq and has appealed to them to help in the release of koreans.

According to Taliban, the Korean nationals which were kidnapped by them, came to Afghanistan to preach Christianity. United States and Korean government has decided to not start operation against Taliban. Taliban have killed two Korean people of 22, and have threatened to kill others, if the power is used against them.

Its not an appropriate stance taken by Taliban. At this time, when Taliban are fighting against the aggression of NATO and Allied forces over Afghanistan, they shouldnt open new battles for them. They shouldnt start new adversaries with other nations. Talibans have ruled the country for a very short span of time, and they were praised by even some western countries due to their paragon policies, in which they eradicate narcotics and other evils of society.

Taliban should set an example now, and it would be better if they release the Korean nationals unharmed. It would also help portray the real image of Islam, and it would also harm the propaganda of America about Talibans.

3 thoughts on “Taliban Should Free Korean Nationals”

  1. We aren’t really sure these guys are Taliban or it is another attempt by US to prolong its occupation of Afghanistan by provoking less active participants of war-against-terror.

    When they were in power, Taliban arrested few missionaries including one journalist on account of spreading Christianity. However, nobody was killed and the journalist was so much impressed by her captives’ behaviour that she accepted Islam later on.

    Isn’t it similar to what’s happening in Pakistan. People are exploited into doing things and later they are bombed-on to show our government’s loyalty to Bush regime.


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