Systematic destruction

The overseas trip of the retired General Musharraf was with the objective to improve Pakistan’s image abroad. This fixation can only work out properly if it is acknowledged that there indeed persists a problem. Only statements cannot change the gigantic proportions of poverty, inflation, insecurity, crime and lack of education and health related problems faced by 160 million people. With most of the budget spent on defense expenditure the country is gradually moving towards systematic destruction. We are not short of eye opening events taking place on daily basis; it is the habitual mode of sleeping conscience that needs to be awakened. 50 million of mobile users or a booming economy is of no worth until every individual has an access to clean drinking water. Being the lowest spenders in the region on education that is only four percent of our budget we are making no future investment.

Shenanigan of the present regime is another horrifying course. With no room for democratic institutions there can be no hint found for democratic transition. One cannot forget the manhandling of the chief justice of Pakistan and his dismissal by chief of army staff. Nether this image can be improved nor changed. One has to accept that mistakes have been made. Not once, twice but several times by the same people, same regime. Therefore they have adopted the statement of ‘forget the past, work for the future’.

The consisting uncertainty makes it certain that this systematic self destruction is molded to turn Pakistan into a failed state. None of the European trips to improve the image would then work out. Recognizing the dire need of time and space, Musharraf must use the available resources to rescue this sinking ship and must abolish picking between the options, to support his allies or the interest of Pakistan. The slogan of ‘Pakistan first’ cannot bring PML-Q have votes in contrast to ‘roti kapra aur makan’. Nor can enlightened moderation would delight the nation to vote for this party.

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  1. Sir, I have gone through almost every commentry done by you. and all are very informative and accurate. I request you if you kindly write on social crises of pakistan, Like poverty, unemployment. economic crises etc. so that I especially and public of pakistan geneally get benefitted by them. thanks


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