Swiss Officials and Pakistani Looter

This happens only in Pakistan that a looter comes back to the country, and thousands and thousands of people gather to welcome her, and government provides her an extravagant security and media render her a vast publicity. Then this only happens in Pakistan that spineless leaders sacrifice their workers in the name of democracy and use them as a fodder for cannons.

Examining Magistrate of Switzerland have completed his investigation in the money laundering case against Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari and their agent Milch, and have sent it over to Attorney General of Geneva and has said that after meticulously checking the details, they deem it plausible to hear the case against the three persons.

Though just after this announcement from the Swiss officials, PML-Q started blazing its guns and said “Hum Na Kehtay Thay.” Your possible next Prime Minister Pervez Elahi has said that NRO is not for the foreign cases, and Benazir has runaway from Pakistan to bribe the Swiss officials and the officials in US, Spain and England. Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani has also said that Benazir’s corruption has earned her assets of worth 1.4 billion dollars. It is also reported that Benazir, her children, one cousin, and her buddy Rehman Malik are also involved in the Oil for food scandal.

Swiss court has said that Benazir has done the 75 million dollar corruption in Oil for Food scandal. Nobody in Pakistan except the hapless local leaders of PPPP have endorsed the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), and they in their heart don’t really believe that. The problem with the PPPP workers is that they really adore Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and only that is why they are with Benazir, otherwise they would love to have any other leader leading their party, and Murtaza Bhutto was an ideal option for that, but everyone knows what happened to him.

General Musharraf has also done few good things, though they are very few in numbers, but NRO is one thing, which nobody likes. One may argue that it was just a ploy to expose PPPP, but nonetheless it gave a bad name to country and encouraged the corrupt and spineless bureaucrats, politicians and other officials. It would be good for government to just take it back before the decision of Supreme Court in this regard.

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  1. too right and i think this country deserves a martial law as the most corrupt leder in the world is celebrated in this country called pakistan whis should be called absurdistan or better still ahmekistan as then it can rhyme with afghanistan

    thought provoking article and the only sensible one on the bhutto woman -a festering sore for muslim womanhood and a blot on the name of justice


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