Swat Should Be Controlled By Now

More than a year has passed, but still the fight is going on in the Swat region and the security forces seem to be standing from where they started. Taliban or militants whatever and whoever they are have destroyed the whole infrastructure including schools, hospitals and state buildings and other things but yet there is no stopping to them.

It is also falsely reported in media that the local population likes them and the support for the militants is there. Its all about power and fear and there is widespread lawlessness.

This security unit in Swat and the adjoining restive areas has been trying ad hoc and containment measures in one form or the other for a long time, which has failed miserably. There is no focus and coherence in terms of values, interests and objectives. True, decisions are made but these are at most ad hoc and not in strategic harmony, not formulated in a coherent and integrated manner. The security forces and the provincial government seems to be disconnected.

At the tactical level we have been holding our own, but in a slipshod, fickle and disorganized manner, taking in the inputs, giving only lip-service to ground realities of Swat war. This is no way to curb the militancy.

2 thoughts on “Swat Should Be Controlled By Now”

  1. Year 2009.Breaking News!! pak will be divided into 4 parts each being administerd and monitered by India, U.S , U.K and Isarael.
    U pakis should either forget kashmir or be ready to face another Bangla !!
    Kill those terrorist, taliban and focus on devloping ur country rather than cross border terrorism against india.


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