Swat Operation

4 more people have died and 5 wounded in the fresh bloody clashed between the security forces and the supporters of Maulana Fazlullah, and local Talibans have also beheaded some 6 to 12 security officials after the allegations of spying. After the cross-fire, people and tourists have started to migrate from the area, and authorities have brought in gunship helicopters and fighter planes to bomb out the joints of Maulana Fazlullah.

Once Swat was considered as one of the premier tourist attractions of Pakistan, and it was the home of natural beauty, peace and tranquility. Things were getting awry and alarming for quite sometime, but as usual no one took notice. Things are so complicated out there in Swat; you cannot really pinpoint single person or group for the recent clashes.

It is the need of hour to identify the root cause of such queasy-insurgencies. The root cause of the problematic situation in Swat, Waziristan, and elsewhere is the Pakistan’s unabashed willingness to fight the US’s war on terrorism. Period. Because, due to the ignorance, US considers every Muslim with beard a part and parcel of Taliban, and takes actions against them, and majority of the Muslims of FATA and NWFP are with beards and follow the Islam strictly, so that is why US is targeting them more, and that is why people in these areas are angry and compelled to lift the arms in their defense.

But no sensible and reasonable person can justify the be-headedness of security officials in Swat. No way. The concept of creating state within the state should also not be supported. Pakistan is an Islamic country, and we all want Shariah law here, but it needs a smooth and peaceful transition. Why not Maulana Fazlullah learns any lessons from Lal Masjid?

Lal Masjid and its affiliated Madaris were doing a great job of educating people and raising awareness amongst them, and more and more people were getting the true picture of Islam, but then they themselves destructed everything, and now all that peaceful preaching has stopped. Maulana Fazlullah is pursuing the same way, and if it carries on then only the Muslims will die and all the harm will be inflicted upon Pakistan.

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  1. well things as seen apperant r not the same in actual.Mullah FM might ve been right in demanding shariah but later he was hijacked by RAW sponsored Uzbeks and a number of gangsters from the banned parties like LT or JM or SS etc.now the things here in swat and FATA are basically run by RAW sponsored Uzbeks who r being funded by RAW in money, weapons,ammonition etc.The basic problem with us all is that we have gone money hungry and RAW is playing very well on providing money to the disgusted lot n using them against PAKISTAN.the day our govt announced a cease fire on Kashmior Front it was the day that the Indians started utilising same money to create “Mukti Bahinis” (local Talibans) on our western Front.Please relate the situation to pre 1971 debacle n we ll can find that India is using the same tactics again. If the situation is not adressed intime and we the commoners dun open our minds n eyes um afraid we might b seeing further disintegration of our beloved country.lets get up n inform everyone that who is responsible for all this.


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