Supremacy of Constitution

Pakistani people have risen to the occasion. They are now more than aware of their rights and the importance of rule and law, and they know what it means to have a free, free and accessible judiciary.

Massive efforts are underway to muddy the waters by the forces of darkness. These people want to sabotage the mandate of the people. They want to dash the hopes and they want to demolish the dreams which nation is decorating after 18th February.

Excursions to President House, of PML-Q leaders including Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Hamid Nasir Chattha, Humayyun Akhtar, Chaudhary Pervez Elahi and host of others have strengthened the speculations and allegations that President is fighting back.

It’s a very sorry state of affairs. Nation has given its clear verdict loud and clear and the mandate PPP, PML-N, and ANP got was anti-Musharraf. People were fed up of the likes of lotas of PML-Q and their supervisor.

People want to see their judiciary restored and they want to see the supremacy of rule of law. They want the democracy and a formidable democracy which couldn’t be overcome by the tyranny. supremacy of the Constitution and prevalence of rule of law is the ultimate solution to our woes.

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  1. What supremacy and what Constitution? The 1973 constitution was violated immediately after its promulgation by its founder Z.A. Bhutto, who suspended fundamental rights and arrested opposition members. Then Zia mutilated it beyond recognition. Musharraf has no respect for it, and neither do all these lotas and MNAs & MPAs, all of whom are interested in filling their own pockets.


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