Support Our Troops in Swat

*Maulana* Fazllulah is no more beheading people in Swat area, and its militants are no longer playing football with the heads of the dead people. They are no more terrifying the people out there and they are no more planning terrorist activities in Swat. They are on the run. They have left behind all that horrible rhetoric and all that frightening talk along with their FM radio

Though, the question is still unanswered as why he was allowed to remain in the area for all these years, and do what he liked, but for now he is running for his life, and now people are beginning to know what he was all about. Load of liquor bottles were found in Imam Dheri seminary, and that joint at Imam Dheri was state-of-the-art. It was build with millions of rupees, and was thoroughly planned and run.

Fazllulah was the terror of the area. He got the motivational powers, and he exploited the docile, illiterate and sentimental people of Swat, who now are very much against him and his tactics. They are welcoming the Pakistan Army, and they are very much relieved to see get their lives back.

Army is doing one helluva job in Swat. Within just three days they cleared the areas of Kabal, Matta, and Imam Dheri and killed hundreds of militants. Rest managed to escape along with Fazllulah, who is reported to be injured and has clean shaved himself. He has gone up in the higher mountains, but relentless Army is following him.

I want to thank the Jawans and officers of our proud army for this operation .They have saved the nation from lots of grief. Some Army personnel have also been martyred and we feel proud over them. We also believe in our Army and its capabilities, and we welcome the great change which is occurring on the national horizon resulting in Army getting back to what it does best. That is to save our country from domestic and international threats.

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