Suicide Bombings And Fool Proof Objectives

The history of suicide bombing begins in Sri Lanka when the Tamil tigers used it against the state. The same tactics then began to be used there by other groups as well due to the fact that these groups recognized that this tactic maximized their capability to terrorize their opponents reducing their morale. Another advantageous factor for these groups was that they couldn’t be caught or recognized in any case. Later on it was established that basically there were three groups in Sri Lanka adopting same strategy for multiple different objectives. They included Singhalese nationalist against Tamils, the Tamils and Srilankan state agencies who were responsible for execution of a number of people too.

It is noteworthy that executions made by state also carried certain objectives more than just increasing the security parameters in the state. Similarly it cannot be denied that the increasing numbers of suicide bombings in Pakistan are also result of more than just one enemy. Insurgents in Balochistan, northern militants, spy elements and even a state itself can be sharply involved in it. The area, timing, location and death toll in the blast magnify the objective clearly each time taking place. It’s the investigation never inconclusive for certain obvious reasons ranging from investigation dimensions to the extent of under carpeting facts while elaborating clear message.

In Pakistan, Taliban and insurgents from other side of the border target northern areas for their support or resemblances towards western world. Solider as well as tribe men in Balochistan are targeted clearly picturing the message that it was for their alignment with government. Another frequent target are the polity, political leaders, guards, processions, students, shia’s and sunni’s and more. Local militants and insurgents in order to terrorize the people and establish the rule of terror, target them. It is there unstoppable strategy for the genocide of a nation. In this context even the mainstream religious parties are targeted.

Suicide bombing a symbolic act with overwhelmed communicating power. This power has made the general public not to trust there state guards. The vocal act of suicide attack on BB has further contributed in the general opinion that those who were authorized to catch the killers in Pakistan have joined their footsteps.

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