Suicide Bombing In Islamabad

Pakistani blood continuous to burn in fire. Some 13 people have just died in an explosion in F-8 Markaz, Islamabad, which was a result of a suicide attack. The blast occurred outside the place where chief justice was about to deliver his speech to District Kacheri.

The plethora of attacks in the backdrop of Operation Silence have jolted the country. People are angry and people are terrified. From D.I Khan to Swat and from Meran Shah to Islamabad, suicide bombers are having a field day. Victims even don’t know what their crime is.

These are the efforts to hollow the roots of motherland, but in these testing times, we need to stay intact, and promote unity, harmony and dialogue. O, I just remembered we also have a government, but in that regard we could only pray.

Pakistan Paindabad.

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