Suicide Attacks and Islam

(Latin suicidium, from sui caedere, to kill oneself) is the act of terminating one’s own life. After a few days or a week one hears about Suicide attacks in any place. Our economy is in a severe turmoil due to the continuous deterioration of law and order situation. The group of people, who considered themselves above law, perform these terrorist attacks and they don’t have any religion and faith.

In order to cope with terrorism one should identify the main causes of it. These terrorist attacks have brought dissatisfaction and ferocity in our country. The government should ruminate to eliminate the curse of terrorism. These suicide attacks are linked with Islam, which is very shameful for the entire Muslim world. But these terrorist attacks don’t have any link with Islam. Islam condemned terrorism in all its forms. Due to the awful security parameters no one is safe. According to a report suicide attacks have killed almost 1200 Pakistanis since last July (Sept. 29, 2008) and 88 suicide attacks have taken place across Pakistan since the Red Mosque siege.

West are linking jihad with terrorism where as jihad means struggle. The lesser jihad to purify one’s soul and perform well deeds for the community the greater jihad to defend Islam when it is under attack, so they are giving the wrong picture of Islam.

4 thoughts on “Suicide Attacks and Islam”

  1. @afzal. The best jihad is to control on one\s nerve and ‘strive for’ AFsoos kai humara media yeh sab nai dikhata. We are an Islamic state but the media is to busy airing irrelevant stuff and they give no space to the real moderate religion teachings.

  2. just a correction, Jihad-e-Akbar is the jihad to purify one’s soul, and Jihad-e-Asghar is the lesser jihad meaning to fight for Islam


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