Sufism is journey into realm of divinity where you are embraced by beauty and pleasure which continually deepens its core until you realize the very essence of your creator. To illustrate the concept of Sufism in a more clear and profound way depth of ocean is a usefu example. Depth of ocean is limitless and infinite in ideology of Sufism. From that ocean waves came to the shore. Ocean is the paradigm of boundless knowledge through which you actualize truth and waves are vibes or medium of insistence which circulate in your mind as a option through which you have a chance if you wish to plunge into ebb of one of these waves. When you throw your self into ebb of these waves you are drawn into its eternal and infinite source which is ocean of infinite knowledge.

World of Partiality and Perfection

Sufism is actualization of truth which is realized by immersing our inner self in attributes Of Creator which marks perfection in absolute sense. When you have not plunged into depth of the ocean you are being which unconsciously thrives on having a identity of some sort which differentiates you from the rest. You feel secure in having standing in this material world which characterizes your existence. Its not negative in any sense. It just that you feel yourself as a partial part of this world and you witness the world with your partiality. As it is material, finite and imperfect world you can see wholeness of this world through your partiality. For example if a woman is beautiful and I am an admirer then her beauty would not be perfect but would be a imperfect reflection of beauty which I could comprehend by remaining in my individuality. So in this way I through my imperfection can comprehend her imperfect beauty Then if a person is knowledgeable I can comprehend level of his knowledge without immersing my self in its core because it is not perfect and I can easily understand it without losing myself in its perfection and then understanding it by being submerged in its wholeness. When you jump into the waves your journey towards attaining perfection starts. world you jump into is infinite and is a realm of perfection. In it comprehension through partiality is impossible. Here ocean cant be witnessed through eye of the drop which is partial. Its partial identity has to be submerged into depth of the ocean. So that it sees the ocean through eye of the ocean. So perfection can’t be witnessed until you see it through your partial identity which is imperfect. It has to be dissolved into depth of perfection to witness absolute and eternal reality.

How is it possible to realize Perfection?

Sufism is a medium through which you realize true meaning of your existence which according to my analysis is perfect in all regards. It just has to be realized. When you are liquidated intro ocean of perfection then you realize the only absolute being is perfection. We can’t seek through it until we are submerged in its love. So in the path towards attaining perfection there are several obstacles which force you to live as a partial identity in a finite world full of partial and material identities which signify imperfection of the whole realm. According to ideology of Sufism which complies with Islam we have to truly immerse our selves in love of God without desiring material existence which only increases obstacles in our way. When we do every thing by making God the center of our lives we would reach closer to salvation whether it is in our outer world or our inner world. Zikr or remembrance Of Allah according to Sufism should be our primary objective which will enable us to comprehend reality. When we are able to fully grasp reality we would realize perfection.

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