Stuff the Suicide Bombers

What is the difference between moderates and radicals – radicals will bay for my blood after reading this post and moderates will probably chuckle a bit, and go back to being moderate.
Baying for my blood by the radicals wouldn’t come as a surprise, as they are not even willing to spare innocent school children. A suicide bomber blew himself up close to a school bus in Kamra, resulting in injuring five children and two other people. The bus was carrying 30 to 35 children to school when it was attacked. Is anything more cruel can be done than this?

Yes Nirendra Modi of Gujrat can take the lead, and perhaps Hitler too, but this too isn’t much far away from that. At one side, they are trying to create a state within the state. They are trying to harass people, they are challenging the writ of the government, and they are giving the bad name to Islam and Pakistan. At one side they are destroying their own country, and providing an excuse to eager America to attack Pakistan, and on the other they are wrecking havoc on the innocent people of Pakistan.

How dare these armed misguided and brain-washed people think that they can spread Islam in this fashion? Who has told them that suicide bombing, bomb blasts at their own people is right? Nobody in the hell has invaded Pakistan, and no Israel, India or Greenland has attacked the borders of Pakistan, and in that school bus those who got injured were Pakistani children not
some RSS or BJP fanatics hell bent on murdering the people of Kamra.

This barbaric attack shows how cruel the terrorists are. Yes all those who are carrying on these attacks in the different cities of Pakistan are terrorist, coward and disgusting. They don’t stand for Islam, Pakistan and for us. They are aliens who are only be dealt with force. Army is doing well to curb them, but the question where were the authorities sleeping when people like Fazlullah and the likes were flourishing and mustering up their arms and recruiting the suicide bombers?

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