Strategic significance of Pakistan

After Benazir Bhutto’s assassination targeting Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal has turned an occasional and substantial statement given by the presidential candidates of America. West has developed paranoia about Pakistan nuclear installations that Al-Qaeda can get hold of them. But the Psycho-analysis of terrorist organizations illustrate that they would prefer to use more of chemical weapons for achieving there objectives rather than nuclear weapons.

It can be argued that the relevant strategic significance of Pakistan with states within the region and outside the region that consider it as extra regional power regardless of status of Pakistan’s relation with them is a strong challenge for America to deal with. This challenge weakens America and its western ally’s geo-strategic ambitions in this part of the globe. The witting material of US analysts and think tanks focusing on Pakistan- Afghanistan relations, post 9-11 Pakistan and most importantly targeting Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal are not random thoughts but carefully planned long term policy perspectives aiming to weaken Pakistan internally and use them against them with external absurdities.

In order to give physical reality to the military intervention in Pakistan, America has initiated to create a scenario where it would rationalize its prospect by using the feeble notion of nuclear assets against Pakistan. The super power needs to understand the credible security provided at the nuclear facility cites in Pakistan and not underestimate the command and control system. The political and economic turmoil in Pakistan has surely contributed towards such apprehensions made by different countries. But it is as clear as a crystal ball that there is no link between Pakistan’s political turmoil and the crashing of economy with the nuclear facilities. Glancing in the history, US record of dealing with its nuclear arsenals has been quite infirm whereby one can find a number of occasions when it nuclear weapons have vanished and even misplaced. Even recently, in the last August a similar incident took place that clearly illustrated the careless altitude of US personnel’s in dealing with there weapons.

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