Stooge of West

BB would do anything for power. Time and again Benzair has accused President Musharraf of being a stooge of the West, but she forgets or pretends to forget that she is willing to become even more subservient poodle of the West than anyone else.

Before coming to Pakistan, Benazir said that she will give a “freer hand” to USA in the war on terror and that she will be willing go even further than Musharraf for supporting the war on terror (massacre of the people of Pakistan) in the northwestern frontier province of Pakistan.

What are the true motives of her party? The entire universe knows that all of her party leaders including herself are corrupt and cunning imposters. Their recent deal and than the lies and then the reality exposed by Shujaat confirm our belief that not only this PPPP leader is not sincere in anything that she says but also places no importance to people’s welfare and their future.

As for saying, that she never compromised on principles, may I ask how is it then that she is sitting in the parliament since 2002 with a military rulers, and which has just allowed that military ruler to remain president for next 5 years?

Can BB or her partmen claim the pride of Z.A. Bhutto’s legacies and she of posterity as well. Though Bhutto was the major character in breaking the country into two parts, and he had his fair share of follies, but at least he had some sort of morals, whatever they were, but his daughter seems to be devoid of any one of them. Actions speak much louder than empty words which betray their claims.

Betraying charter of democracy, taking refuge of MMA sitting in government while secret shady deals were in pipeline for long time is not a moral thing at all. A dictator killer her father, and now she has just struck a deal with another dictator. There are historical events, that she was even prepared to strike a deal with Zia-ul-Haq in 1988, but got a rare chance when Zia got killed in plane crash.

When General Musharraf took over the reins of the government due to a conspirational folly of Nawaz Sharif, Benazir was on the forefront to welcome the military intervention, but when Musharraf also called her the most corrupt woman on planet, and even mentioned her lootings in his book ‘In the Line of Fire’, she got livid, but then upon the US intervention, Musharraf is ready to accept her, and she cannot really control her lust for power.

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