Statement on Yaqeen Model School

Ed. Note: Following is an email reply from Mr. Syed Mohammad Husain, sent to express his views on the report published by Chowrangi about Yaqeen Model School. It is published verbatim.


Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatohu .

As suggested by Mr Kashif Aziz , I hereby submit my comments on the Media Report published in various news papers and reproduced in ” Chowrangi “.


My other comments contained in my previous e mails to ” CHOWRANGI ” are an integral part of these comments and they must be read in conjunction with the comments contained herein.


– Yaqeen Education Foundation, is incorporated as a non-profit Foundation under the Companies Ordinance. As a non-profit entity it does not have any owners . Syed Mohammad Husain or no body else is the owner of Yaqeen.
– As a non-profit Foundation Yaqeen’s business and assets can not be tranferred to any for profit bodies.
– Syed Mohammad Husain conceived and established Yaqeen Model Schools , while he was a Partner in Deloitte Pakistan Firm – Husain Shah Rahman , purely to seek the pleasure of Allah and in response to the need of time for a system of education for Muslim Children- Boys and Girls , that will combine the “Ilm e Nabuwat and the cotemporary education ” , to help achieve the generation building of Muslim Youth to enter the volatile and rapidly changing global world competitively , competently ,with confidence and with state of the art knowledge approiate for today’s knowledge based society.
– Since 1972 , Syed Husain been a resident of Canada and his family has been residing there.
– In September 2008 , during a private visit to Birmingham England to meet his late younger sister, Syed Husain was taken seriously ill and based on Doctors advice he was directly transferred to the care of his family in Canada.

1. In spite of his serious illness Syed Husain visited Pakistan during the first quarter of 2009 to attend to Yaqeen’s affairs.
2. Even during his illness , he regularly worked for over 12 hours per day exclusively on management of yaqeen.
3. In accordance with the requirements of the Companies Ordinance , Syed Husain and other directors of Yaqeen Education Foundation did not draw any remuneration for the services rendered .
4. During his stay in Pakistan up to September 2008 , Yaqeen fully complied with all the relevant laws, its accounts were duly audited every year by an independent firm of chartered Accountants and filed with the Security and exchange Commission Of Pakistan
5. The schools were being operated by the executives ,chief operating Officer and a Governance Committee.
6. There is no question of Syed Husain absconding.
7. Syed Husain , Al Hamdu Lillah enjoys an impeccable reputation , professionally in Pakistan and internationally.
8. It is absolutely false to say that he has been involved in any fraud.


– The statement in this regard is based on here say only.
– Two landlords of the properties rented by Yaqeen and an Executive Director, in an Un authorised and illegal manner captured the schools and its properties and assets , making various false statements to every body including the parents.
– I under stand that they are running a business, which is prohibited for a non-profit body.
– The previous senior executives of Yaqeen , worked for the three Qabza groups, for monetary gain only and with dishonesty and utter disregard for the conflict of interest.
– The Senior executives destroyed a non-profit institution for their personal gain and put the academic career of thousands of students.
– They made a false claim to achieve their nefarious objectives that they were the management of Yaqeen.
– The employees of Yaqeen were seduced by false financial promises which were never met.

By: Syed Mohammad Husain

31 thoughts on “Statement on Yaqeen Model School”

  1. Dear Mr. Husain,

    Please stop your bullshit questions to chowrangi team and writers regarding identity and proof. As parents have no need to prove their identity to you.

    You must tell why you runaway from Pakistan and why you are reluctant to return back to Pakistan and face the parents and affected children.

    Your position is just like “chor machaye shor” here at Chowrangi and there is no one as “Parda Nasheed” except you.

    Do not try to divert the reader’s attention towards your fake justifications, Qabza Group etc as people knows every thing that you have done with Yaqeen and still you are fugitive and trying to prove yourself a religious and innocent person.

    You flee from Pakistan in a pathetic way and left around 3,500 children, their parents & Yaqeen’s employees in a mess.

    We parents have no need to justify and prove our identity to you. If you have a fear of Allah Subhan ‘Nahu Wa’ Taa’la , come to PAKISTAN that’s it.

    We don’t require any justification from you and viewers.


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