Sleeping United Nations

Role of United Nations has almost perished since US took charge to fight war on terror on behalf of all the nations around the world. At the end of World War two when nations of the world gathered to form UN, it endeavored to stop man kind wasting there energies and recourses in bloody wars where the number of casualties always outscored and the target were mostly the civilians. Under UN leadership niche was set for all states and no single state was to serve the role of a police man for the world.

The cause for failure of League of Nations was none other than the fact that states were allowed to join and leave it without giving any prior notification. Recent event show that adjacent altitude has been adopted again in United Nations where leaders from different part of world come and express there hatred for one another only. No doubt United Nations proved itself in the time when the world was bipolar and threats of another world war were very high. At that crucial era United Nations proved itself as a responsible organization and war was averted through its efforts. Unfortunately now it has become as a sleeping organization which isn’t playing any role in world politics when again the world is in need of a neutral strength to bring stability and peace.

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