Sindh Chief Minister’s view on woman’s rule

Sometimes you can’t help wondering how our people can vote for such men. He seems to think that women are responsible for everything that’s wrong in the world. There was a time when practically all men blamed women for their troubles, but fortunately most educated people no longer think so. If you think that the Chief Minister is illiterate, think again. He’s got a degree in medicine, so he’s more educated than the average Pakistani politician. So why did he say (sometime back) that the summer rains which killed several people were the result of the sins and misdeeds of the victims? Again, when nine people were killed by billboards falling on them, he remarked that the billboards fell because they displayed pictures of “obscene” women. Obscenity is something that our old bearded politicians are obsessed with. They should be told that what is obscene to them may not necessarily be obscene to others. Besides, being a deeply religious person, the Chief Minister should’ve known that even pictures of men are forbidden. In any case if the pictures of obscenely dressed women were responsible for the billboards falling and killing nine people, why were more people killed in areas where there were no billboards at all?

But what the Chief Minister said the other day in Thatta proves that he is not living in the twenty first century but in the Stone Age. He said that a woman’s rule is a “curse”. Apparently he’s forgotten the support all religious leaders gave to Miss Fatima Jinnah in the elections of 1964 when she was the presidential candidate against the incumbent Ayub Khan. Later, during Benazir Bhutto’s tenure, the current leader of the opposition (Maulana Fazlur Rahman) was one of her advisors. But why should we be surprised that this man wants to prove that he desperately needs psychiatric treatment? There are hundreds of thousands of men like him all over the country who think that they will be contaminated if they accidentally touch a woman. Just our bad luck that we have such people in our midst. And what really hurts is that Musharraf should have selected this man to be the chief minister of our province. A man like him can never be enlightened or moderate. All that he can do is to make Pakistan a laughing stock in the comity of nations.

3 thoughts on “Sindh Chief Minister’s view on woman’s rule”

  1. this is very normal men with complex issues do that, when a man loses his sense of leadership he picks up things that are irelvant and start babbling about it so, it doesn’t really matter what this man or any other would say about women, because ALLAH (swt) and our society have carved the respect and worth of women. so its only entertaining to hear about stupid politicians, and its a shame to know that women like benazer are leaders i just pray that more women come forward and be honest to the country.

  2. Nothing can be done, these politician will always bring such excuses just to cover up their shyt. Who said they are educated….anyone can have a degree in medicine, it worth Rps 5000 only and thanks to them we student who don’t like studies can be bachelors.


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