Show Your Cards

The debate is going on between PPP and PML-N that whether the issue of judiciary and the presidency of Pervez Musharraf should be sorted out in the parliament or should it be decided before going to it.

PML-N is pretty much crystal clear in its stance and they want that PPP, PML-N, ANP and other like-minded independents and parties must first resolve these issues outside the parliament and then declare their intentions before going into the parliament and when the parliament gets in order, they just execute their decisions without any delay.

PPP, the party of late Benazir Bhutto is showing a very suspicious, delayed and ambiguous attitude towards this seemingly simple issue. The coordination and cooperation between the three parties is very heartening and so is their hand joining gestures in the conferences and get togethers, but their actions must speak for themselves.

It’s time PPP shed the vague and opaque screen and tell nation what it’s all about.

1 thought on “Show Your Cards”

  1. if PML-N gets 3rd time PM option for Nawaz,judiciary restored,musharaf impeachment etc by joining PPP led govt it is likey that they will b come out clear winners in voters eyes by fulfilling all the electoral promises they made…who loses in voters eyes …PPP as they didnot made such promises …PML-N reluctance 2 join PPP led cabinet is yet another indication as they donot want 2 b part of any setup facing dilemna like incresing petrol prices,controlling inflation…the moment PML-N gets what they want they will withdraw support from govt…


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