Save Thy Promises

Un-precedented luncheon meeting of PML-N, PPP and PML-Q not only displayed the show of strength, it also was a reminder to the forces of status quo that nation is very watchful and the pressure is immense on the shoulders of the elected members.

171 members-elect from the three parties and independents pledged to restore true democracy. The coalition was upbeat and very much hopeful for the judiciary for the relief of nation. It’s a very crucial issue and the most important one right now.

Mr. Zardari has to be vocal now about this issue and he must end his ambiguous stance over it. He may discuss the modalities but he must not budge from the original issue. Nation is not ready to get entangled in the legalese.

Nawaz Sharif always draw resounding rounds of applauses from the nation whenever he expresses his to-the-point open stance over judiciary, and so should Asif Ali Zardari do to alleviate the concerns of the nation.

When they get settled on the modalities they must not wait for a single second rather they should at once start working on the restoration of judiciary to start on high grounds. More crisis are facing them ahead.

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