Sadness Again

Once again our worst fear has transformed into reality as Benazir Bhutto led rally of the PPP is rocked by a bomb blast. Reports say that they were infact two blasts, which have injured and killed many, and an official number has not yet been calculated. The killed also included a cameraman of ARY Digital, a renowned news and current affairs channel in Pakistan and surrounding areas.

The country’s situation seems to be taking a steeper turn for the worse with every coming day, as what was termed to be the beginning of a new political era, ended up being the end of the lives of many, not to mention their devastated families and friends. Condolences to all such people, may all the deceased rest in peace.

When it comes to suicide bombings, they’re never justified. But when bombers give religion as a reason, atleast they have a reason, not saying its justified, at all. All I’m saying is, they kill people because they incorrectly believe they are required to do so by their religion. But when it comes to politics, people can’t ever have a license to kill. It’s all relative however, when people have the mindset required to commit such horrendous crimes.

At least Benazir Bhutto has acted promptly to call off the rest of the rally.

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