Rise In Child Care Providers With The Spread Of Malignant Feminist Theories

child care providers

Feminists seek their value as a human being with work outside the home, and then they generalize about it, making it sound like all women want the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

There are countless women whose measure of worth does not lie in the workforce but with how well they run the home and raise their children, and consequently their role as mother and wife. Feminists have been, since long, wanting everyone to adopt their methodology and sacrifice their family for the gratification of a paycheck.

On the pretext of freedom, more and more women are being urged to join the workforce, and if that means leaving children with babysitters and nannies, so be it. A toddler needs full-time attention, love, and care, which can never be provided in a day care centre. The way motherly love soothes cannot be substituted with even the best of babysitters. Many are notorious for atrocities on little children: yelling, slapping, molesting, renting out to beggars, you name it.

The whole family structure has collapsed with the advent of feminism: an increase in divorce rates, a rise in single parent families, neglected children, teenage pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse among youngsters, etc.

Feminism continues to scatter seeds of poison whose growth is resulting in havoc and destruction. We continue to raise a generation of neglected children as women fulfill their gratification of a surplus in their bank accounts.

Are women so blind as to believe malignant theories set by feminists?

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