Return of Pinky

For me, a chameleon is far more constant and consistent than our former two-times Prime Minister Mrs. Zardari. In both of her terms as a prime minister, though there wasn’t much of respite for the common people of Pakistan, but Zardaris at last succeeded to live up to their names, and amassed a fortune. Benazir does like money, but she likes it with power. Her lust for Kursi has become legendary, and art folks are seriously considering the idea of including a new folk story in this regard for the posterity. A new folk song has also been in the making, which will be sung by future prime ministers and their husbands, if they feel like looting the national exchequer.

After self-imposed exile of 11 years, she struck a deal with President Musharraf, got amnesty in her corruption cases, which were filed in the realms of Ghulam Ishaq Khan and Farooq Leghari. She first made sure that President Musharraf issued the notorious National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), then she abstained from the presidential elections, and now she is coming back with the blessing of US and Musharraf. Full free hand has been given to her by the Sindh government, and every effort is being made to maker her welcome a success. It is reported that millions of rupees are being distributed among the poor villagers just to take them Karachi to increase the attendance.

I secretly wish that Benazir does become the next prime minister, which is quite a strong possibility, as she and Musharraf make the dream team for America. Of course, my wish is not a well wish. As she has been duly exposed in front of the people of Pakistan, her next term would surely be a killer for her, as Bhutto family has got a habit of self-destruction. You know, Zardari cannot contain himself, and his mouth is watering already. Benazir wants Kursi all to herself, and she wants a rubber stamp president, which Musharraf couldn’t be and wouldn’t be. So it would be quite a fun.

Regardless of the volume of reception, BB receives at Jinnah Terminal, Karachi, one thing should be kept in mind that things have changed and they are not like 1986 now, when Benazir came to Pakistan and received a resounding welcome. People have grown more sensible and aware, and they now see the ground realities instead of the attendance in the welcomes.

Note: Benazir is not bringing Asif Zardari with her Pakistan, and he will remain in Dubai. You know why.

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