Retaliation is the only Solution

The heart trembles, and the soul is in despair while body suffers the shortage of atta, gas, electricity and other basic necessities. Mood is also morose and gloomy, because things are way too distressed on the national horizon, and hopes are dying after one another.

After the tragic assassination of two-time Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in broad daylight in Rawalpindi, and then the recent attack in Lahore which killed many, has also lowered down the morale of the nation. There seems to be no end to this insanity by mindless terrorists, and we dont know how to cope with it.

If, God forbid, any other high profile politician becomes the target of terrorists, then the question is can Pakistan sustain the turmoil and chaos? Pakistan is very resilient and very tough, but enough is enough, and now we want peace and harmony. We want our leaders safe, and we want them to represent us in the government.

We want our Army to go on borders and stop those terrorists from coming in to Pakistan. We want them to even strike inside other countries and destroy the terrorists camps, no matter what it takes. United States has devastated two countries and is still carrying on with its spree just to avenge one terrorist attack of years ago, so why are we silent, when enemy is striking in our heartlands with so much impunity.

We should retaliate in the same way. There is no other solution left now. They only understand the language of force. That’s it.

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