Responsible Media is Good for all

It is a proven fact that debates not suppression can resolve issues. In an open and progressive society, it’s imperative that media must act responsibly. Media should act responsibly while reporting about crucial issues.

The responsibility of the print and electronic media has increased with their expansion and this is the reason perhaps why government is so keen about expanding it. This goes beyond doubt that present government has given unprecedented freedom to media and is working to create an environment of debating issues instead of suppressing them.

The solution of issues is in debates and discussions and not in their suppression. Though as usual political parties of both sides have been portraying each other as traitors in past through media, its good that present regime is promoting the politics of dialogs.

Government should, with an open heart, take all provinces along and resolve all issues through dialogs process. This government has introduced various development schemes to remove the sense of deprivation among the people of backward areas. Its the need of time that rulers should work to develop consensus on all national issues through dialogs and discussion.

From the measures, this government is taking; it seems that it wants to strengthen the national media in general and regional in particular. This is a nice approach, as its closer to the roots. This would also help in micro development at the grass root level. Regional press has been playing a pivotal role in identifying local problems and suggesting ways for their solution. In creating harmony, the role of regional press cannot be ignored at any cost.

Up till now, despite of some follies, this government has shown an exemplary tolerance towards media. Its open media policy has done wonders. The measures taken in this regard have shown that this government has courage to face criticism and that is why it has given unprecedented freedom to media. If the journalists are worried now about their freedom, there must be some valid reasons, government should try to resolve these issues as soon as possible, to keep its good image intact.

The objective of the media policy is to channelize the people’s emotions into constructive initiative for peace and harmony.

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