Respect, fame and wealth — All for Zardari

Zardari is one of the most fortunate people on earth. I am saying this because despite all the happenings in his life; he managed to have all which only a lucky man can get. That is respect, fame and wealth.

He gained respect when he was wedded to Benazir Bhutto becoming son in law of a man who had all the guts of changing the world; the one and only Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. To me fame cannot exceed these limits when you are recognized by each and every person with dignity.

Then he gained all the wealth, which is not possible for many to dream of. Who is not aware of his Swiss accounts and so many of corruption cases made on him. This reminds me that Pakistan is the only state of its kind where people can become co-chairperson of most famous political parties and not just that but also president despite carrying a past list of crimes. Alright for the sake of argument I do agree that none of the cases were proved ever but come on where is the self respect.

Anyway president Zardari gained respect in shape of being a president. Frankly speaking the respect Zardari gained is not for his conduct of individual being but rather it is for being president of a state that is a nuclear power.

Yes Mr. Zardari who else can be luckier than you; at least I don’t see anyone, in Pakistan.

3 thoughts on “Respect, fame and wealth — All for Zardari”

  1. Mr Ambreen,I would to correct you with due respect that two cases against Zardari stand proven.And to be honest,all cases gainst could have been proven quite if he had not signed any deal with Mush and his party.


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