Religious ruling (Fatwa) against electricity theft by KESC

Electricity theft by KundaThe Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) following the footsteps of Lays has obtained a fatwa (religious decree) from 12 top Ulema against electricity theft, declaring it a ‘sin’ as reported by BBC. The thieves are costing KESC 1bn rupees ($12.3m) a month.
Typically, people steal electricity by hooking up a wire (locally known as Kunda) to overhead electricity cables, siphoning off power without paying for it. Another way people steal power is to slow down their electricity meters. Most of the people who steal electricity can afford to pay for it but they choose not to.

Fatwa has been issued by religious scholars of Jamia Darul Uloom, Jamia Binoria, Jamia Hamadia. According to it,

‘The illicit use of any commodity is a sin and as in this case, the organization producing electricity represented many people, its use without permission and pay makes it an even bigger sin. Legal action against such people committing electricity theft is fair.’

Ulema also directed citizens to pay back an amount equal to the power they had stolen while The Company already has the right to fine those caught stealing electricity.

Karachi, known as the “city of lights” has a population of about 16 million and is Pakistan’s biggest city and commercial hub, has been facing chronic electricity problems. Power consumers frustrated by load-shedding and breakdowns often vent their anger by blocking roads, burning Tyre and throwing stones in street demonstrations.

It is definitely a cosmetic approach towards a problem. There should be a crack down against those who are involved in electricity theft. Everyone knows that stealing electricity is illegal and it is a crime but to obtain a fatwa shows that people are not serious about quitting their habit of using Kunda despite of many warnings from the company. On the other hand Ulema haven’t said anything about those who are suffering from over billing, marathon running meters and hours long load shedding. They should also condemn these acts of company and decide a punishment for it.

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  1. Dear All,

    Let me tell you all that how corrupted is our KESC Department & Government.

    I am resident of Solder Bazar Karachi, near police station.

    One of Pathan guy named Imran Khan S/o. Khan Azam, is using Electricity on Kunda since last several years, he is a builder and is involve to construct matters the house and buildings and he do his all construction work on Kunda Electricity.

    Negbhous and almost everyperson of Colony have several times complaint about him but no one is takeing any action against him. DO YOU KNOW WHY?????

    Because his uncle, couson and some friends are employee in KESC Departments.


    My Friends, i have faced all kinds of situation since my childhood like, Police Matters, Legal Matters etc, so i have deeply studied the basic reasons of prblems in our Karachi City is PATHAN FAMILIES IN OUR CITY. Pathans are the basic reason of all kinds of problems.

    Are you all guys agree with me????

    I am writing down the address of Iman Khan and an under construction building of Imran Khan:

    Plot No. 51, Nizamabad, Khan Azam Building, Solder Bazar No. 1, Near Police Station, Karachi.

    Anyone can go there and see the situation, is their any responsible person in our Government who can take notice against this all??? I also ask our Media of Pakistan that CAN THEY GIVE SOME TIME TO CRITICAL MATTERS OF PAKISTAN AND GET RID OF THE Sania Mirza & Shaob Malik’s Shadies matters???? Because most of time they use to busy in Sania’s case and dont have time to take notice for real problems and matters of our loveing country and city Karachi.

    What the hell is this all????????????????????????????????

    Where we are living???????

    Is it a Independent Country??? NO NO NOT AT ALL the peoples of this country are prisones of their own government and this is “UMAR QAID BAA MUSHAQIT”

  2. The fatwa won’t change because those who take them seriously already not busy in Kunda, because having fatwa on this issue is completely useless. Every single person knows that this is stealing and stealing is a sin in Islam. And stealing from the Nation, is even greater.

    Ulema were approched by KESC, if you want another fatwa about KESC inefficiency, you can easily go to them and record their edict on this. They will say the same thing with a smile, which also won’t change anything, as every one knows that over charging is unfair.

    The issue is this, the educated youth and people need to actively run for these positions, and upon securing the seat they need to take radical measures in order to straight things up. Massive fine and reinstallation of the meters.

  3. these ulema should first criticize the govt., world bank for making the elec too expensive…have they not read the era of hazrat umar farooq (RA) when he suspended the islamic law of cutting thief’s hand when there was starvation in madina during his caliphate…these ulema should read all the texts again…

  4. kia koi mna aur mpa ko bijli chori kerney say rokey ga?
    You are stopping citizens to stop thefting electricity? wao! who will stop polititians from this??

  5. The fatwa will have no effect at all on those who indulge in electricity theft. KESC personnel can’t enter localities like Lyari, Korangi, Lines Area or other places where almost every house has a rigged meter. The only way is for KESC to appoint contractors on commission basis to locate the thieves and eliminate power theft.


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