Relevancy of President Musharraf’s unofficial visit to Europe

‘Look west policy’ has remained an spectacular policy attribute of Pakistan since last sixty years and has therefore enforced every government to look at west while designing its domestic as well as foreign policies, making Pakistan dependent in all of its strategic environmental challenges. Similarly this looking west policy temptation of Pakistan’s policy makers also made Musharraf to have an unofficial visit to Europe where he was represented as only Mr. Musharraf and not the president of Pakistan. This visit was irrelevant on several grounds including that it did not serve any national interest because of its unofficial course and not serving any specific or visible policy purposes that can be claimed as Musharraf’s piety for Pakistan.

Recalling the history it was the 60th visit made by Musharraf in his eight year rule on Pakistan. Such visits that do not serve any specific policy objective bring nothing more than big travel bills. In this toughest time of Pakistan when the individual citizen is not getting access to Atta, such visits further disheartens ordinary man because it works as an increase in inflation and nothing more. If one comes up with the perception that alright it was serving a purpose to improve Pakistan’s image and position. But still it was the most infirm, unsatisfactory and failed negotiating process because of the reason that he could not succeed to ensure the world community about the fairness and credibility of upcoming general election would not be disputed or questioned by any other opposition part.

The course of time selected by the president to make such visit was also a stomachy choice. These kinds of visits are only made by head of governments and not states. It is just the time when Musharraf should be reminded his niche. The visit is also disputed on the ground that the contradictions in the performance of the head of state and the purpose for which the visit was made can in no way be made or proved just in the laws of ethics.

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  1. The objective of the trip to Davos was evident on Jan 23rd when China in a seminal article in the official Peoples Daily headlined the following “No more middling in Pakistan acceptable”.

    This was a warning sent to RAW and the CIA that have been destabilizing Pakistan. A similar warning was also issued from a surprising source The Tehran Times which wrote about “Trilaterals Triangulating Pakistan”.

    Please also note that Russia recenlty told India to pack up its Airforce base out of Aylin in Tajikistan.

    Additionally the same warning was personally delivered to Israel.

    All have now backed off and the violence in Pakisan has precipitiously dropped.

    A counter offensive will be launced in kashmir and Afghanistan as the Spring offensive.

    Read all about it in http;//


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