Real Change

It in the core of the nature of reality that most things that happen in due course are less predictable than they seem in hindsight. The problem with the grand schemes of the things happening right now in the Pakistan are that in their myopia concentration of their manufactured axis of evil they are caught gazing in the wrong direction when real threats emerge.

Whenever a suicide attack or bomb blast happens, our ruling spokespersons close their eyes and point gravely towards the North West, and then with a flurry of movements of their limbs try to ensure the people through media that dynamics of things are going in their way, and its just a matter of time.

I am not debating or arguing as whether the suicide bombers and bomb blasters and other terrorists are pouring in from that direction or not, what I am trying to say is that why not in the hell we go on offensive to these terrorists? Why not we go after them with full might? When its clear that they are not going to spare the innocent people of Pakistan, and its equally clear that they are not listening to any logic and talk, and they are just doing it and dying, and then why arent we concerned for our survival?

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination is a national loss. Nationwide doom and gloom tells the story of it. Now nation isn’t interested in listening to any rhetoric by this government. They want results, concrete results. They want truth and above all they want justice. Country is in turmoil, and nobody is interested in elections.

Everybody is now interested in some real change.

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