Rashion Cards

Baitul Mal, Social Welfare Department, Zakat and Ushr Department, Nadra and provincial and local governments; they will provide data to government as whom to issue the rashion card and to whom not. The rashion card scheme will be launched from 8th of February, and it is meant to render relief to the low-income families of Pakistan, which is basically the 90% of the population.

In the presence of local government,what’s the value of dormant institute like Baitul Mal, Social Welfare Department, Zakat and Ushr Department? As it is circulating in the media that Shaukat Aziz, along with some other lotas of PML-Q skimmed 38 billion rupees from flour crisis, and they took help from the Nazims and Naib Nazims of many areas of Punjab, how in the hell one expects them to be fair in distributing the ration cards?

Once again, all the ration cards will be distributed among the toadies, thugs and rogues of the area, and local bodies will use these ration cards as a tool to exploit the votes. Prices of the food items must be same all across the country, and they should be realistic and within the reach of every person. Also, nation wants with anguish that government must unveil those who were responsible for the crisis, and if Shaukat Aziz is really the prime culprit, then he should be brought back with the help of Interpol.

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