Prof. Safdar Kayani Murdred Amidst Reconciliation

Just when the Pakistan People’s Party called an All Parties Conference (APC), the pro vice chancellor of Balochistan University is murdered and promptly the responsibility is taken by the shadowy Balochistan Liberation Army.

Nobody knows from where this BLA comes and why not we know enough about it’s whereabouts and why don’t authorities take action against it, and what the operation in the Balochistan are achieving except killing the former governors and incarcerating popular tribal leaders in the allegations of treason.

All the fourteen or so cases against Akhtar Mengal have also been withdrawn. Akhtar Mengal is the former chief minister of our Balochistan Province and a popular leader in a large area of Balochistan and lots of struggle was made for his release. The step to release this Baloch leader is also aimed at soothing the angry factions, but this recent assassination in the Quetta has once again marred the peace efforts.

But the PDA government, the provincial government of Nawab Aslam Raisani and the rest should not retreat and they must carry on with their reconciliation efforts.

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