President Musharraf’s Valid Point

Where government has the privilege to show tolerance for the freedom of media, it also has its prerogative to show concern, when the things from the media side start crossing the limits. In a recent statement made public by President Musharraf, he showed his concerns regarding media’s offensively bold attitude towards the reporting of judiciary-related issue.

According to the President; the talk shows and face-offs telecasted by media are similar to exerting pressure on judiciary. He also noted that media should stop using offensive language and also show responsibility and stop giving political shades to this matter. His point that such attitude, which creates an air of despair and sensation frustrates the populace is very valid.

Of course, media has done wonders in awaking awareness in masses, and the private channels have done a fantastic job to expose many things to the public. After the bland PTV, the state channel, private TV channels like GEO, ARY, AAJ and plethora of others are a very fresh and pleasant blow. The credit also goes to government, which showed an un-precedented tolerance in the face of programs like ‘Hum sub umeed say hien’ and ‘Begum Nawazish Ali’.

But really, its also a fact that if you switch on the private TV channel, even on a routine day, you receive an impression of something extraordinary happening in the country. These channels, just to keep their viewership, add extra sensation to otherwise routine news.

Now, regardless of the intricacies of this judiciary related matter, media should show restrain, as the matter is in the court, and government has also said categorically that it would accept the decision by the full court. President and some of his ministers have also acknowledged the mishandling of chief justice of Pakistan. Now why is this hue and cry in the media?

As a common viewer when I switch on the cable channels, I get the impression that something bad has happened and Allah forbid, the existence of country is in danger, and also Allah forbid that everything is about to end. If you watch programs like ‘Aaj Kamran Khan K sath’, you just wonder what sort of situation is this which is changing moment by moment for all these years? When you watch programs like ‘Meray Mutabiq’, you chuckle to yourself why ‘Armageddon’ hasn’t yet occurred?

InshaAllah nothing is going to happen to our Pakistan. Our Pak armed forces, our judiciary, our establishment, our press, and the whole Pakistan is loyal and determined to save and progress the country.

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