Pre-Budget Price Hike

TV Channels, newspapers, magazines and blogs never seem to be tired off slashing government, politicians and players, but why nobody blast these industrialists? They deal with our day to day lives. Government, every year fails to control this black mailers and spineless creatures from increasing the prices of commodities.

This year, the story is not different too. The retail price of rice is touching the skies. At the 100kg bag of rice, Rs.200 has been increased. Ghee mills have added 10 more rupees to to the price of one box. Before this flour mills increased the prices, and the prices of other edible and non-edible items are increasing un-checked.

Before the announcement of budget, prices are being raised of every thing used in the routine life of common man and in this regard, the prices of milk, yogurt, tea, dry milk, and other items have also been increased. Pharmaceutical companies are not behind in this race as usual, and the prices of drugs have increased too. Fruits, vegetables, chicken, eggs, beef, mutton and the related items have also drastically become rich in their prices and nation is eating grass.

No institute seems to be present anywhere to leash this trend and punish the culprits. People were already frustrated and were doing suicides and murders to overcome their poverty, have received another fatal blow by this price hike. But the monster shop keepers, retailers, wholesalers, mill owners and such people are only thinking about maximizing their profits.

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