PPP’s Balochistan

Balochistan must be given special care as enough subjugation has been done to this biggest province of Pakistan. Balochis are Pakistanis just like Punjabis, Pushtoons, Mohajirs and Sindhis.

When the people of Balochistan are deprived of their land and natural resources, which they produce and from where the whole country benefits, without any payback to the Balochis, majority of Balochs, barring few exceptions, refused to concede that they are being treated well.

In the Balochistan, whatever few dispossessions are given are for the benefits of few individuals who become the pawns of establishment. The psychology of establishment is reflected in their approach towards Balochistan and it drips from the decision which it takes towards the running and management of Balochistani affairs.

PPP has done well to ask for forgiveness from the Balochi people, and it would do equally well to do something really concrete to bring the Balochi people in the mainstream when once it gets in power.

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  1. The feudals (sardars) of Baluchistan are not in favour of education and human rights. All they want is to remain filthily rich so they can enjoy their holidays in Europe. They are the ones who should apologize to the people of Baluchistan, because they prevented the province from progressing.


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