Post Elections 2008: Game is Going On

Our masters in United States are extremely worried about their colony, and as they have got a jolt of their lives in the span of some months, when Pakistani nation rallied for the cause of judiciary, that undermined Musharraf, then Benazir Bhutto was assassinated and the dreams of friendlier civilian democracy and Musharraf at the top broke, and then the results of elections have given them creeps.

They are meeting like hell with the leaders of PPP and PML-N and ANP. They are trying to explore the PML-N and its leaders and are terrified that the pro-Islamic stance of PML-N would hamper their war on terror. Ideally for them the best coalition is of PPP, forward block of PML-Q, MQM and ANP with respective representation in the center.

PML-N is not in the agenda of Western powers, and this, in the long run would benefit the PML-N. PML-N shouldnt try to join the fray at the center. They could support the government formation by PPP, but they shouldn’t become a part of it, for their future and it would help them to gain more defections from PML-Q.

2 thoughts on “Post Elections 2008: Game is Going On”

  1. I guess you are so naive to say that elections are real representation of the people. Where 70% coutry is under feudalism and people are so illiterate that they don’t know their own rights. Where mullah, military and bureaucrats have total control on what they want to do with these innocent voters.

    It was also naive to say that PML-N is islamic, while they represent the same feudals, businessmen, beaurucrats, who ruled for last 60 years.


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