Poor Sanitation System for Swat IDPs

Poor sanitation system for IDPsMillions of internally displaced people had to live either in camps or some other buildings like schools or colleges for a long time now because of the Military operation in Swat and Malakand. It has been pointed out many times at Chowrangi that health and sanitation conditions at IDP camps are getting worse day by day but the same is happening with the IDPs living in school buildings also. Boys High School in Char Gulli is hosting 452 displaced people living in the classrooms. All are facing enormous problems because there is no working lavatory at the school. As hygiene conditions get worse, diseases such as scabies and diarrhea continue to spread amongst the people taking shelter there.

Islamic Relief is helping to provide sanitation facilities to displaced people and local families by constructing 1,500 sanitary restrooms, washing places and hand-pumps which provide clean water in schools where displaced people are sheltering in Char Gulli and Rustam. We should not only donate generously but should also volunteer for organizations working for rehabilitation of IDPs.

Sanitation facilities should be improved in camps as well as the places where IDPs are residing unless they return safely to their homes. The return will start from 13 July as announced by PM Gilani.

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