Politics with Angry Pakhtoons

According to the newspaper reports, Baitullah Mehsud and his tribe has announced a one-sided suspension of offensive upon security forces in both the Waziristan, which make up the heart of the FATA belt.

This is a golden chance for the government to mend its ways, and try to sought out a political solution to this souring problem. These tribes are our brethren, and we need to rally behind them for peace and progress in the area. They are our those brothers, who were the guardian of Durand line for all these years without taking any salary from the country, and they were the ones who fought in Kashmir against India, when India grabbed the land there.

Prior to 1947 British deployed a unit in FATA area, but Quaid-e-Azam ordered that unit back, and let the tribes control the area. It would be prudent for our security forces to follow the footsteps of Quaid and let tribes deal with so-called Al-Qaeda. Persuasion, money and negotiations are the way to go, and force will only aggravate the already angry Pakhtoons.

We shouldn’t indulge in Guerrilla warfare against these tribes in their own area, as they would just melt down and disappear in the mountains and the difficult terrain, and it would only inflict more and more damage upon our security forces in vain. We should deal this political problem in political fashion in the light of history of that area.

5 thoughts on “Politics with Angry Pakhtoons”

  1. and then they claim that they are the most hospitable people on earth.thir hospitality only seems to apply to crazy fanatics, sectarian terrorists and most wanted criminals.

  2. the tribes will more likely ally with al-qaida and the taliban in trying to talibanize pakistan. they tribes are arrogant and domineering, cruel and selfish. they are a remanent of ancient times and do not fit in the modern scheme of things and its our failure as a nation that we kept them autonomous and did not try and integrate themselves into our country.

    the biggest enemy of progress in the tribal areas are the tribes themselves.every company whether its a mining or oil company is to worried about security and the exhorbant royalties they will have to face by trying to work there.


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