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Life is ever changing and so everything. But thanks to God that there is a good change, Musharraf is going to get retired from the Pakistani Army. Still I think it would not be that good as we might be thinking and thanking.

President Musharraf is leaving out General Ashfaq Kiyani as the new Chief of army staff, one of his loyalists. I think the things would not be affected much and will continue in the same way.

President Musharraf will take oath tomorrow finally after being an army chief for nine years. But I feel sorry for him as he could not break General Zia-ul-Haq’s record for remaining army chief for twelve years. May be Musharraf has now found some loyalist as General Ashfaq Kiyani to give charge of this position and say that he has fulfilled his promise. The period for this position is actually three years and when that time had been passed, despite of the promise to nation to putting off of uniform, Musharraf found no one next who would obey what he wanted. That’s why I am saying that he has now found Gen Kiyani as his loyalist and so capable of this position.

The nation wanted General Pervez Musharraf to quit all positions in anyway but what will happen to poor America if Musharraf does so? Now Benazir is also playing games. The new idea from her side is to boycott elections because they would not be fair, a new game. She is calling the opposition to unite so they can boycott elections as she expresses distrust over the fairness of elections. But clever Nawaz Sharif and Qazi are not willing as they can see the game well. But today there is a meeting of PML-N to look at what needs to be done for what she is saying. May they don’t unite in the so called opposition for this purpose.

Musharraf and Benazir seem to be in trouble but who knows what the reality is. I am sure that if the nation doesn’t unite to strive for democracy, things will continue in the same way and Benazir with Musharraf will rule this country.

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